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Denise, owner at, bought a new property to live on but it also has al lot of space to expand her business to release Funkey Dog Center. Dog owners can rent field to train with their dogs. Not only dog owners can rent but... is made out of my own idea’s while setting up my own startup BlizDesign. Being around horses is one of my favorite free time activities. It really frees my mind and makes place for new input. While searching for people to learn me new...
Visual Tasks is a task management system made by and made for Visual Reality’s employees. There was already a first version of Visual Tasks but had a lack of simplicity for its users, that is where I came in. I had to figure out the...

Digital drawing

Digital drawing
The original sketch of this drawing is made by Janneke Lutgerink in our time by Quo Vide. Since my internship there they asked me to turn the sketch into a digital drawing using Adobe Illustrator in 2014. It was all about composition, colors and details.
In my time at Visual Reality (2015 – 2017) I worked on a project to redesign those federation websites. Not only a redesign was needed but also technically those websites had to be improved. After some research we had clear what aspects we really had...

Van Ramesdonk asked me to create a new and fresh website for them as a construction company. A website where they can show their work as a portfolio. And off course it had to fit their own corporate identity with their own pictures and text....

Product Brochure

Product Brochure
In my time at Elma Media I made lots of brochures for clients with guidelines. I was very happy to make a brochure for Visual Reality’s products in 2017. I had total freedom on the look and feel since I made branding and identity....
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